Sunday, August 19, 2007

Where is Rambus Inc.?

ThreeJack at Investors Hub asks that question regarding an Op-Ed by Mark LaPedus, the EETimes Editor. I don't know if Rambus failed to show or was a wallflower with an empty dance card. I suspect ThreeJack is correct - Rambus Inc. failed to show. If so, it is evidence that it is time for Rambus Inc. to make some changes . . .

What is the downside to defending your business model in an industry rag? Put a kinder way, what is the downside to demonstrating some leadership on behalf of the IP sector in correcting the misguided Mr. LaPedus?

Can only imagine Mr. Hughes is too busy ramroding Mr. Rishi to finish the restatement to find an hour to respond to the EETimes Editor. And, Ms. Holt must be too busy signing licenses to write a letter to the Editor defending the IP business model. Mr. Lavelle? He doesn't seem to have much to say at all, but he must be busy negotiating with Messers Tate, Mooring, and Davidow to get back the excess shareholder equity they received as a result of backdated option sales. Hey, what about Mr. Messegee?? He is the Corporate Marketing Manager. No doubt he is busy, too, but perhaps he can steal a few minutes to write a letter to Mr. LaPedus on behalf of Rambus?? How about it, Mr. Hughes?
HT ThreeJack.

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