Wednesday, August 01, 2007

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Sony has developed a prototype computer board based on the Cell processor and will show it at SIGGRAPH in San Diego, California August 7 - 9.

The "Cell Computing Board" prototype combines the Cell BE (Broadband Engine) with a RSX graphics processor and is small enough to be mounted into a 1U-size server for a 19-inch rack mount.

Read more at Digital Arts.

Read Sony's press release here.

Wired Blogs weighs in:

Alas, this doesn't mean that we'll see a new range of video cards wading in to the mascara-streaked bitch fight between NVidia and AMD—this is for hardcore scientific applications. Requiring a 1U rackmount enclosure and 400 watts of juice all to itself, it's not going to be a consumer toy. But seriously, will someone please check out how it handles Oblivion?
Read more about SIGGRAPH here.

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