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Nancy Hughes, Mrs. Rambus Inc. CEO

Some highlights of Nancy Hughes, wife of Rambus Inc. CEO, Harold Hughes posts on the Investor Village Rambus Inc. board:

Number of posts: 170+/-

First post: Msg. No. 155 on 7/16/06 "Test"

Last post: Msg. No. 85701 on 5/16/07 "So, if management is so inept, tell me, what would you (d1044) do differently?"

Popular early topic: John Danforth:
Msg. No. 166 "Don't hold your breath." Re: Waiting for Mr. Danforth

Msg. No. 1326 "Good point, however, about legal counsel." In response to "Danforth is going to have a much harder time explaining how as cheif (sic) legal councel (sic) he had no clue this was happening."

Msg. No. 2543 "I disagree as to Danforth. If you can't rely on your General Counsel to tell you when you are doing something that might not shine in the light of day, who can you rely on?" In response to "Danforth is not in charge of compliance because he is general counsel. He is not responsible for the options program. The people that set the option dates, and signed the financial statements are responsible."

Msg. No. 2605 "My guess is that JD's responsibilities extended beyond litigation."

Msg. No. 10751 "In my opinion, Danforth has artificially raised expectations (as pumped) of the possible monetary rewards we might expect from successful litigation."

Mixed bag regarding Danforth:
Msg. No. 32033 "I think he is an intense and good litigator, but probably an obstructionist from a business standpoint."

Supporting Danforth:
Msg. No. Given the recent disclosure for Danforth, it doesn't seem that sinister arrangements were involved in his case."

Msg. No. 53080 "The only 'executive' filing we've seen so far is the repricing filing for Danforth and, in my opinion, there is not much negative there either in terms of Danforth's involvement or anyone else."

Likes & dislikes
Msg. No. 2597 "In fact, I rarely read what you write . . ." To Empiricum

Msg. No. 2605 "By the way, like your posts/thoughts and usually agree with you." To yusfdbk

Msg. No. 2648 "Are you going to stand by your slanderous speculative statement." To Infringeon

Msg. No. 6856 "I don't think Tate's performance near justifies the amount of wealth he may expect from Rambus. I am also no fan of Mooring or Eulau, also probably over rewarded."

Msg. No. 11290 "Given today's news, you may be the new SS and I, for one, appreciate your willingness to share more of your views than I have ever seen from Mr. Steele." To Ownerofbusiness

Msg. No. 11291 "With you all the way in supporting the legal team and JW as a fair judge who is interested in applying the law." To Grandeplease

Msg. No. 15490 "Some favorite posts of yours have been when you shined on about your daughter." To Regina

Insights, Hints & Opinions
Msg. No. 5496 "You may have beaten Regina to the punch but it took her a while to find us in this new location." (Was the poster also at a previous location?)

Msg. No. 5518 "I am not a company apologist as you suggest . . ." To Heatseeker

Msg. No. 11193 "I don't think Hughes has exercised any Rambus options. And I haven't seen him leave the kitchen ..." (Honey, don't forget the trash tonight.)

Msg. No. 15546 "And some - read Tate, Mooring, Eulau - were rewarded well, perhaps beyond what they deserved. With the backdating, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to maintain all of their gains." (Honey, are you golfing with Geoff's attorney today? Would you like some more coffee?)

Msg. No. 15555 "We (my husband - who is a real investor - and I) haven't been in Rambus nearly as long as many on this board have."

Msg. No. 22898 "I will admit to be pro giving the "newer" Rambus management a chance to work their strategy (this includes HH) while being glad that Tate, Mooring, and Eulau have been shown the exit door . . ."

Msg. No. 23050 "Hughes has not taken a dime out of this company other than his salary. . . You have no idea what goes on in the day to day business of Rambus. You have no idea of the decisions he has made that have benefited the company or will in the future . . . " (More coffee, please. I am listening.)

Msg. No. 27990 "I've never been a CEO but I've lived with one . . . I have to agree with you, to some extent, with regard to Tate. Have never been a big fan of his, but he has made some honorable choices in favor of Rambus of late."

Msg. No. 28582 "I don't think there is an automatic renewal to the INTC contract. But I also wouldn't count HH out yet. I don't think he's sleeping except for a recommended 8 hours a night." (Fore!)

Msg. No. 37349 "Talks aren't happening and settlements aren't imminent." (Thanks for asking.)

Msg. No. 40648 " . . . and my daughter is our 4th generation Wolverine . . ."

Msg. No 41054 "Hope everyone will get off this $20 per PS3 soon. Totally pie in the sky. However, something in the range of $4-5 would be in the ballpark." (Forget the CC's read clarissa.)

Msg. No. 49784 "I don't work for Rambus."

Msg. NO. 83235 "Grande: Your post included, not surprisingly, criticism of HH & the gang. However, you also included the above. As is often the case, I find you to be a poster that at least, at times, takes a balanced approach to your Rambus commentary." (Thank you, Mrs. Hughes.)

Msg. No. 83247 "Please do not lose your place on the bus. Your seat is way ahead of mine and I can wish you the only the best." (Hope you keep yours as well. Now, please, go apologize to John Danforth - make nice - and have a Coke. Please.)

Read the Law.Com article linked here that broke the story.

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