Friday, August 17, 2007

Judge Whyte got it right

Subject: Protect Free Speech, Stop Your Appeal
Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

Free speech is one of the most important rights that we have in the United States and I hope that you agree. It is unthinkable that the government would write laws governing the content of movies and video games, which are comparable forms of expression. Video games, like movies, should not be legislated they should be self-regulated. As a taxpayer, I urge you to please follow the opinion of Judge Whyte, who suggested that the state look to the ESRB rating system to protect children. I agree that allowing the video game industry to use its rating system, which has been called the most comprehensive in the country, is preferable to filing an appeal that is doomed to fail. Additionally, it will save countless taxpayer dollars. The ESRB ratings system is effective, and you should focus on educating parents about it, Parents have the power to regulate access to these games through parental controls on game consoles. You should note that a Federal Trade Commission report issued earlier this year found the following: --- 94% percent of parents said the ESRB ratings are easy to understand. --- Enforcement rates for video game retailers have reached similar levels to those of theater owners', which are considered to be the gold standard. --- Parental involvement with the purchase or rental of games is up to 89% from 84% in 2000. To protect our children, please focus on educating parents about the ESRB ratings system and the parental controls in game consoles rather than using the limited resources of the State of California to pursue endeavors that are unconstitutional. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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