Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Joe's links

Brian Dipert, writing for EDN opines:

The Sony PlayStation 3, for example, is today's 'poster child' for the Cell processor, for Blu-ray optical storage, and for Rambus XDR memory.

Readers who slog through the rest of the article will learn that Dipert is suspicious of the Wii shortage - perhaps it is artificial or due to incompetence? The fan boy comments following are worth a scan.

Legal Pad, a CAL Law Blog reported on an American Bar Association panel discussion "What Do They Think About: Inside the Minds of Today's High-Tech General Counsel." Of interest to Ramboids was comments attributed to John Danforth, senior legal adviser for litigation at Rambus Inc.

Mr. Danforth is credited with the notion that making GCs answerable directly to CFOs may have helped enable stock option backdating. Interesting. Is this akin to the devil made me do it defense?

Any Donkey, noticing an error in the post, commented and the author graciously acknowledged his error.

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