Monday, August 06, 2007

Former Rambus Inc. VP writes about Mrs. Hughes

Steve Tobak, former Rambus Inc. senior vice president of worldwide marketing, wrote an article for CNET about Nancy Hughes, wife of Rambus Inc. CEO, anonymously posting 170 messages on the Rambus investor message at Investor Village.

Mr. Tobak is informative (And there's evidence that someone may have removed some of her posts from the message board.) , entertaining (Rambus needs more controversy and scandal like the Internet needs more bloggers and porn.), and isn't afraid to join Mrs. Hughes (That said, I admire Nancy's intentions and agree with many of her views, including some of the more controversial ones). Unfortunately for the Ramboids and clear journalism, Mr. Tobak also adds to the disinformation that circulates about Rambus Inc.:

But Rambus wasn't as good at litigating as it was at developing technology; its failings in America's courts have become the stuff of legend, conspiracy theory, and nightmares for employees and investors. Adding to the company's woes, last year the Federal Trade Commission overturned a ruling in Rambus' favor and found the company unlawfully obtained monopoly power.
A careful reader will find no mention of litigation victory - specifically the first two rounds in its litigation with Hynix Semiconductor, with round three scheduled for January 2008. Also, no mention that the initial FTC was in favor of Rambus and that the FTC remedy is close to being economically impotent and is on appeal.

Yes, Rambus' record at litigation may not be as good as its ability to develop technology - but the Rambus line of the score book is not empty. Yes, Ramboids are sensitive . . .


Steve said...

Thanks for pointing out the omissions in my CNET Train Wreck blog post - all true.

Steve Tobak

Anonymous said...

Admission IS good for the soul Mr. Tobak, and thank you.

"Donkey" - did you say that we "Ramboids" are sensitive?
Perhaps dear fellow, an understatement of gigantic proportions !!! LOL

Your avid follower, The1st

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