Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Good boys Geoff and Harold they are

Geoff Tate and Harold Hughes, former and current CEO of Rambus Inc. are popular (easy?) targets of the frustration of many Ramboids. If one asked their mothers to for some of the good things their sons had done for Rambus, what might they say?

Momma Tate:

1) Hired John Danforth. The litigation buck stopped – for many years – at Danforth’s desk. (Hiring Danforth was genius, incredible luck or both?)

2) “Passed out stock options like Halloween candy”. The engineers at Rambus generated hundreds of patents. (Without the stock options, the engineers might have sought employment with Micron, Samsung, Hynix and others?)

3) Walked away from millions of dollars in unexercised options. (Prudence, conscious or both?)

4) He will fall on the option backdating sword for the team. (I hate blood.)

Momma Hughes:

1) Kept Danforth at Rambus – transitioned Danforth from General Counsel to Senior Legal Advisor.

2) Listened to Danforth – hired Stone and others and filed the AT case.

3) Exercised only enough options to pay taxes.

4) Gave the Ramboids hope with his gazillion dollar TAM comment.

5) BOD adopted Stock Ownership Guidelines for Executive Officers. (Momma says this was her boy's idea.)

6) Has not settled the litigation for pennies on the ten-spot.

7) Has not taken Rambus private.

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