Saturday, June 09, 2007

Video games, the good, bad & delusional

You choose how to categorize:

"World of Warcraft reportedly made $900 million in one year, and big box-offices such as ‘Titanic’ don’t make that much in a year,” noted Kalwinsky, who added that, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the videogame industry generated some $10 billion in 2004—more than Hollywood cleared in the same period. (Dr. Bob Kalwinsky, assistant professor of electronic media communication at Middle Tennessee State University.)

“Beyond that,” he added, “look at the skills it’s developing such as your analytical abilities and flexibility. They’re wonderful things, these videogames. They’re experiential and you’re learning … and no other medium is going to offer you this.”

"I really do consider most Wii games to be more exercise than just about anything, at least with Wii Sports," he said. (MTSU junior Jared Brickey)

“What the Wii tries to do is get the kid motivated to play a game on their feet.” And Wii’s game-related aerobic workout, she noted, is preferable to the typical sitting-on-the-couch gaming that many participate in. (Shandora Dorse, a physician’s assistant at MTSU’s McFarland Health Services.)

Source: Newswise.

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