Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rambus Inc. Public Relations is alive!

It has been so quiet in Los Altos that I have been checking the earthquake map just to double-check that I had not slept through a earthquake that dropped Rambus Inc. into the Pacific Ocean.

Fear not . . . I am not ready to state that "all is well" but, at least the Public Relations at Rambus Inc. is alive as evidenced by the press release announcing that Texas Instruments Inc., has adopted Rambus Inc., XDR™ memory architecture in its DLP® technology.

Projectors powered by the DLP chip utilizing the XDR memory architecture provide unmatched image quality and stunning color, and are ideal for displaying movies, sports, games or digital photos.
Read the entire press release here courtesy of Google Alerts and Ramboids.

Waiting to see if Rambus Inc. sends me notification of the accompanying SEC filing . . . thinking good thoughts.

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