Thursday, June 28, 2007

Donkey's mailbag . . . JEDEC & DDR3

JEDEC is pleased to announce the DDR3 Workshop scheduled for October 3-4, 2007 at the Marriott, San Jose, California. This unique workshop offers participants an in-depth view of DDR3 by the same companies that are making DDR3 a reality.

. . . Presentations will be made by some of the most knowledgeable companies and individuals involved in DDR today. They include Eplida, Intel, Micron, Nanya, Qimonda and Samsung. (LOL, don't see Rambus Inc. on the list.)

For full program details and registration information, visit the DDR3 website:

The end of the day includes a round table discussion . . . Questions can be posed to these experts, as associated with the new technologies and specifications, JEDEC itself, and other related topics. (Wonder if anybody will have the nerve to ask if Rambus Inc. will be owed royalties?)

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