Friday, June 15, 2007

Davis Toads disappear

It has been a dozen years, but Russ Limbaugh's People's Republic of Davis, a.k.a City of Davis in California, have faced reality - Toad Tunnel was a bad idea.

In 1995, the Davis Toad Tunnel was installed under a new over crossing ramp to keep toads from becoming roadkill. Bill Lindelof writing for the Sacramento Bee (6/14/07) reminds readers that the tunnel "made news on CNN and was lampooned on Comedy Central."

Davis wildlife resource specialist, John McNeney is quoted "It was well-intentioned but not successful." The tunnel is made of corrugated steel and heats up in the summer. "Toads tend not to jump onto a frying pan when they can avoid it. It failed. It didn't work for them."

Toad Tunnel reportedly cost $14,000 in 1995. The toads have disappeared from the area.

Photo credit: DavisWiki

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