Sunday, June 24, 2007

The China Study - Please Read

The China Study

This book could change your life. I am buying a copy for my personal physician.

If you are reading this, you likely live a life of affluence and unfortunately, will suffer a disease(s) of affluence – heart disease, obesity, stroke, diabetes, or cancer. Why? There is a lot of evidence that diseases of affluence are the result of what we eat. Please stay with me.

Yesterday, I ran into a friend that I see about once a week – except not that last three weeks because he “took a holiday” to get a tune-up. In short, he went away and lost 30+ pounds, dropped his cholesterol from the low 300’s to the low 100’s, dropped his blood pressure and is off his meds. He looks great!

I knew where he was going and what he had in mind and I secretly thought, “right, we will see!” Well, he changed his diet from the average American fair to a vegan diet – he swears he has made a permanent life change. I do not doubt it. His external appearance is dramatically improved – not just his waist, but his complexion looks healthy.

I told my friend that I have just finished reading a book in which the author recommends a diet consisting of less than 10% animal protein - The China Study. He told me that The China Study is a book the doctors who helped him over the last few days recommended he read once he is home.

Simply, The China Study is a book you have to read for yourself. I will warn you that the author beats the same drum throughout the book and at times is a little preachy. But, the message is clear - much of the American healthcare crisis is self inflicted by the American diet. The good news is that doctors have proven that a careful diet can not only arrest heart disease, it can reverse heart disease.

I read The China Study because my wife told me I should and like much of what my wife tells me, she was correct . . . now I will try to put into practice what I read.

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