Tuesday, May 29, 2007

When a friend has cancer

An acquaintance has/had breast cancer. She decided to have a bi-lateral mastectomy in March and has taken to blogging. Terri may have lost her breasts, but not her sense of humor as her blog is titled “Terri – getting it off my chest” and has an address of noknockers.blogspot.com

It is difficult to know what to say to a friend who has cancer. Terri quotes a poem (Comforters) by Linda Mae Richardson, Wichita, Kansas which offers wisdom. I have copied friends 5, 6, & 7

My fifth friend came and told me to remember that "All things work together for good." He left and I felt angry.

My sixth friend never came at all. I felt sad and alone.

My seventh friend came and held my hand and said,"I care, I'm here, I want to help you through this." He left and I felt loved!
Terri’s blog linked here.

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