Wednesday, May 02, 2007

RDRAM - History

Google Alerts sends me lots of information - sometimes it isn't current. I have been told the Google algorithms aren't foolproof and occasionally grab "news" that is really history for various reasons. Sometimes the history is rather interesting. Sometimes I wonder if somebody is rewriting history . . .

Do you think the DRAM price-fixing conspiracy hurt Rambus Inc.?

Today courtesy of Google Alerts from (posted 6/1/99):

NEWSThe Register has reported that Rambus Direct RAM will be delayed past Q3 because yields of the devices are still not enough to support a wide-scale rollout. Check out the article here.
Intel reported that there would be a delay in Rambus parts, with favorable volumes available in Q3. Now this report is in question.
Prices of RDRAM are expected to be 50% higher than prices of 133 MHz SDRAM.
Today courtesy of Google Alerts from (posted 6/3/99)

NEWSShares of Rambus stock took a dive--down 10 points from 77 to 67--as IBM announced that it will support PC-133 SDRAM in its low-end machines. However, the announcement should come as no surprise as many analysts have predicted that this will be the case until Rambus comes into price parity with SDRAM.
IBM said that it does plan to use RDRAM in its higher end workstation and server machines. PC-133 SDRAM is just more cost effective for now, since RDRAM carries a 50% higher price tag.
Today courtesy of Google Alerts from (posted 9/10/99):
The conspiracy theorist in me would say that Intel and memory makers are colluding to make Rambus look like a more attractive alternative. Rambus memory is getting closer to price parity with SDRAM as prices rise. This is possible, but unlikely in my view. Chances are that memory will dip again before RDRAM is a major force, but maybe this will help kick it off.

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