Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mission and Values - Rambus Inc.

To continuously enrich the end-user experience of electronic systems.

Core Values:

Be Dedicated to Meeting Customer Needs
Listen to customers, understand their needs and do what it takes to deliver on commitments.
Be Innovative
Push the limits to create innovative solutions to challenging problems. Take risks and learn from mistakes.
Be Passionate and Committed
Be passionate about everything you do. Make commitments to drive results and honor them. Set high standards and strive to exceed them.
Be Proactive and Collaborative
Be proactive in identifying and driving opportunities to add value. Collaborate with others to solve problems and produce great results.
Communicate Openly and Act With Integrity
Say what you think, listen to other's ideas and provide honest and direct feedback. Do the right thing and conduct business ethically and with integrity.


Threejack said...

Hey Treowth,

These have been on the Rambus site for quite some time.

Guess your choice of the 4 Leaf Clover means "Good Luck" ?? Curious, what about the Rambus Mission & Values earned that retort? Does cynicism rule Treowth?? Say it ain't so, Joe...


Anonymous said...


Legend has it that each leaf represents something - hope, faith, love & luck being the final leaflet.

As a LTL Ramboid, I found the four-leaf clover an appropriate expression of my thoughts regarding the mission and values of Rambus Inc.

Does luck equate with cynicism? Perhaps, but that view ignores the remaining triad and was not the intent.

However, I wonder why the mission & values fails to mention the shareholders? Perhaps an updated mission & values statement is forthcoming . . .

Thanks for reading.

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