Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rambus Inc. Song of the Day

My wife asked me if I thought Rambus management would ever do anything that might be considered beneficial for shareholders.

I had to .......

"Tell Her No" by The Zombies (1965)

The Zombies -- Begin Here

Submitted by FinzToRite.


Threejack said...

Hey Treowth,

You run a great site. Good stuff posted daily, especially the music.

What you post is entirely up to you, of course, but wonder why you pound Rambus management about shareholder relations almost every day?? It even spills over to the IV board occasionally. Can understand criticism or praise specific to an event or incident, but the relentless negative comments about Rambus shareholder relations are overdone.

If a harp player keeps blowin' the same chord, is it really the blues??...

Just my opinion.


FinzToRite said...

It seems Rambus management does not feel its non-support of shareholders is "overdone".

They don't seem to think the wait for the earnings restatement is "overdone".

I'd welcome a suggestion as to what might be considered as a "positive" in this ordeal or from Rambus management.

Sorry, I do not have "Things Go Better With Coke" on the iPod.



Threejack said...

Hey finztorite,

"Things Go Better With Coke" Now, that's funny. Old and tired Rambus joke, but funny in the context of our exchange.

Not sure what ordeal you are referring to (we have choices :-), but as a nearly decade long LTL, easy to share your frustration.

No question the restatement is taking much longer than any of us imagined, including Rambus management. Mr. Hughes and Mr. Rishi said as much.

Here's something to consider. Rambus is under no obligation to do investor conference calls or to take questions when they do a conference call. It is purely for investor benefit. Can imagine, in an extended period of no good news, it is not fun to do a quarterly conference call with investors. Yet Rambus management does the calls and invites questions.

Recently Rambus management established for the first time minimum values of Rambus equity to be held by Rambus Directors and Officers? Good faith act or snub to shareholders?

As to IR, shareholder lawsuits restrict what Rambus can or will disclose publicly, even to shareholders. You can bet Rambus's antagonists own the stock. Investor Relations has no way of knowing who is asking for information or how it might be used. IR is no target for legitimate criticism by shareholders.

Frankly, I'm impressed Rambus still posts legal documents on its website pertaining to the various litigations. Like conference calls, Rambus is under no obligation to do so. It is purely for the benefit of shareholders.

So, if you are a LTL, I'm suggesting you tone down your criticism and balance the scales of your posted judgements about Rambus management. As a poster on IV suggested this past weekend, Rambus shareholders will have no one to blame if we end up in a bed of our own making.

Like me, and I imagine Rambus management, guessing you can recognize constructive criticism when you read it.

Always enjoy your musical selections, if not always your dedications :-)

Just my opinion.


FinzToRite said...


I respect your opinion and always read your posts with interest. After so many years, there are not many players in this saga that I can still say that about.

I just have a real hard time believing Rambus management, at any time, has ever thrown shareholders even a small chip of a bone. I'm not sure I consider offering regular CCs and posting litigation documents "above and beyond the call of duty". As has been mentioned, more than 90 days ago, we heard they just had to "dot the I's and cross the T's" regarding the restatement. That's a lot of I's and T's in my book.

Can we really state the majority of the CCs have been "helpful"? Looking back, I kind of wish I had shorted the stock at 3:50 PM on most of the CC days.

I wish I had that "glass is half full" outlook, but the stuff in the glass evaporated a few years ago.

Finally, I've always trusted the good people at "Treowth" to hold back anything deemed to be inappropriate.

Have a good one,


Threejack said...

Hey finztorite,

As Rambus critics go, I am not without sin myself. But like you suggested earlier today, Let's all "Hurry Up & Wait" Band ain't done playin'.

Keep the faith, finz.


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