Monday, April 16, 2007

Bets other than Rambus Inc.

A few years ago I was inspired to open a SEP with a real live broker. In truth, I hoped he would send me business. That is yet another adventure.

The year I opened the account, I fully funded it with Rambus Inc. stock. The broker thought I was nuts and tried to dissuade me. The best he could do to "preserve my assets" was to steeply discount his commission. I acepted the offer with a smile.

At the time, Rambus was trading at about $8.00. Over the years, the rise and fall of that Rambus orphan account has been the subject of much discussion. It doesn't fit the profile of the Edward Jones philosophy. The rebel that I am.

True to the mission of Edward Jones, great effort has been expended to convince me to diversify this account. This week I received the April Edward Jones Investment Perspective with the cover asking "How much will you need to retire?" Handy and depressing little article. (Fred, I said a little prayer for you when I read you had left us. I am hoping you haven't forgotten us down here!)

Due your own due diligence, etc., etc. Here are six recommendations Edward Jones suggested to consider in your "spring cleaning":

Suncor Energy (SU)
Tiffany (TIF)
Valero Energy (VLO)
Wellpoint (WLP)
Western Union (WU)

"Please talk with your financial advisor to determine whether some of these might be appropriate for you."

Edward Jones here.

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