Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Set-Top Box Shipments & More

Where is the global IPTV market headed? Digital Tech Consulting, Inc. believes it has the answers and it wants to share them with you. There is a catch, $2,999.00.

Here is some of what you will learn:

DTC breaks down the IPTV market from every angle. There is an inclusive list of global IPTV deployments including the system's name, system launch data, encoder vendors, set-top box vendors, middleware and application software vendors along with DRM information. The report also includes the top ten IPTV systems along with associated vendors, and number of subscribers. The report contains a five year forecast for IPTV total subscribers by region, total revenues by region, and total STB units shipped.
Many will find our ROI Business Models section very beneficial. In this section we layout revenues, costs, and profits over a five year period associated with three typical IPTV system deployment scenarios: 1) a Master Headend model, growing to 5 million subs; 2) a Local Headend model, growing to 10,000 subs; 3) and an Internet distributed content service, growing to 10,000 subs.
Looks interesting.

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