Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rambus Inc. rolls

In honor of Donkey's son who crossed The Pond on Sunday and as I type, is visiting the Tower of London, the Channel Register will lead today with this report:

Rambus gains breathing space in FTC ding-dong

Rambus is keeping its license to print money from fast memory patents for just a little longer. The US memory chip designer today told the world that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has stayed some of its remedy order against the company - so long as Rambus files its appeal in a "timely" manner.
The short article notes that Rambus is charged with "hoodwinking" the JEDEC, does not have to repay royalties already collected, that it can continue to levy charges at the old rates, placing funds collected above the remedy rates in an escrow account and SDRAM DDR2 is not subject to the remedy.

Not mentioned in the article, but stated in a Rambus Inc. press release, is that the FTC remedy is only intended to be forward-looking, allowing Rambus to "collect payments due for use of our technologies in the past" - litigation with Hynix et al. will continue.

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