Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Please pass the Kool-Aid

Treasury Secretary Paulson has been globe trotting in Asia. Pressing the flesh, beating the drum of open markets and waving the American flag.

More than a few Ramboids have been hoping the Mr. Paulson will champion respect for intellectual property in general and Rambus IP in particular.

NJ posted in part on the IV Rambus board:

I sense that the folks inside the beltway have finally realized that a US company invented the IP that is the basis for all DRAM's sold over the past 10+ years, and trillions of dollars of products have memory and use memory controllers that are based on US IP ....and yet we have only been paid a tiny fraction of the royalties that should have been paid.

I thought mixing Coke & Kool-Aid was a bit much - but somebody has slipped NJ the strong stuff. What "folks inside the beltway"? The Trilateral Commission? NJ, I think you are giving the Beltway Gang too much credit.

Catch ya later, while I am still in Fantasy Land, I am going to grab a Mega Millions ticket.

HT The1stBA

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Anonymous said...

"Donkey" friend........."HT to The1stBA"? To my knowledge (unless of course I was absolutely submerged in that "Kool-Aid") (?)
I had NO part of that dissertation.
Thank you very much.


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