Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Intel, making Rambus Inc. feel better

Misery and embarrassment loves company.

Rambus Inc., infamous for shredding parties, with pizza and beer, (Coca Cola came later in the Hughes era) and years into litigation "discovering" back-up tapes.

Here comes Intel, fully in the mud with AMD as a result of AMD alleging Intel engaged in antitrust violations. Now Intel admits its document retention leaves much to be desired.

Forbes reports:

In a letter to the judge overseeing the case, Intel admitted Monday to a number of document retention "lapses."

For example, some of the Intel employees asked by the company to retain their e-mail after AMD filed its suit failed to move electronic messages from their 'sent box' to their hard drive, where they would have been preserved, Intel's lawyers wrote in the letter.

Other employees thought Intel's information technology group would automatically save their e-mail. Still others were not notified that they were obliged to preserve their messages.

"Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong," AMD wrote in a court filing responding to Intel's disclosure.
That laughter you hear, Ramboids.

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