Thursday, February 15, 2007

Not so popular?

TheTechGrabber reports (with photograph):

While IBM revealed its breakthrough eDRAM memory technology at the International Solid State Circuits Conference, the not so popular Rambus showed its technology dubbed Loki that is aimed to cut down the energy consumed by I/O devices. The prototype is able to rum at 6.25 gigabits per second and transfers information at 2.2 milli-watts per gigabit.
Spelled Rambus correctly and then noted that "Loki, which is power driven by 2AA batteries seems to be a winner."

Hope the vote is counted quickly, licenses signed post haste and the check clears . . .

CNetNews reports:

Rambus, the company everyone seems to love to hate . . .

Rambus Ins. just can't catch a break! Even when the news is good, somebody has to rain on the parade!

HT FinzToRite for links . . . .

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