Thursday, February 08, 2007

LTL Ramboids are losing their faith

Until Rambus Inc. is able to come down the mountain with the truth regarding its option backdating mess, many of the former faithful will dance around the golden calf. It is not pretty.

Regina expressed sentiments shared by the throng:

With all due respect Dave

1) I've seen one to many coinky dinks with Rambus through the years

2) If you look through the history, since long before you were even a shareholder (but I was), I can tell you that Rambus has a very bad record of having granted options to themselves before every major catalytic event and then even worse....dumping massive shares into the open market at those peaks. Even when it was obvious and openly talked about here on the board, they showed no shame in their game or regard for shareholders and continued the glutton-like behavior.

So, yes, once bitten twice shy or "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me". I am going to scrutinize every move those bastards make and sit right next to John Dowd at the next shareholders meeting. Only...I'm bringing a bullhorn to be sure they hear me. They have to work hard to win my confidence back. I DO believe in the business model and the tech, but I am less than thrilled with management.
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