Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dr. Horowitz has a fan

Azarias posts at Idea 4: (emphasis added)

I met a lot of super-smart people last week. I am not talking about sophomore college students who have memorized all the rational function integration rules. I mean people who are actively researching and coming up with the cutting edge technology of today. Dr. Kunle had been working on parallel computing and shared memory for years now. Dr. Hennessy is one of the main people behind the RISC CPU design. Dr. Horowitz founded Rambus Inc. which has more than 500 patents issued as we speak. Dr. Kahn and his research group has set the world record for fastest optical data transmission. And California was very beautiful. I was indeed honored to be in their presence. The one thing that was strikingly interesting about all of this people, arguably among the smartest in the world, is that they were all relatable, friendly and encouraging. There will hopefully be more about the context of these meetings in future posts.

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