Sunday, January 28, 2007

Song of the day

I never thought I'd be, in essence, sending one out to the "Honorable" Judge Payne.

I've followed the daily rantings of the Kabo-Krazed Kool-Aid Klubbers on the various Rambus boards for years. It did seem that almost all of Payne's rulings came "under the influence" (and I'm not specifically saying he had a flask under his robes). The Kool-Aiders berated and bashed him mercilessly during those times.

After the Payne debacle, we heard high praise for the Honorable Judge Whyte and how he would ride in on his white horse to save the Rambus day.

Now, all you hear is the Kool-Aiders berating and bashing Judge Whyte. As an aside, do you, too, wonder if it takes him 2 weeks to decide which sock to put on first?

Anyway, I'm not sure, Judge Payne, with the way these Kool-Aiders change their opinions, that they won't soon be ......

"Asking Around For You" by Joe Bonamassa (2006)

Joe Bonamassa -- You & Me

Submitted by FinzToRite.

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