Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rambus & Amphenol TCS Honored With 2006 DesignCon Paper Award

From Rambus Inc.'s press release:

Rambus Inc. (Nasdaq: RMBS), one of the world's premier technology licensing companies specializing in high-speed chip interfaces, and Amphenol TCS (ATCS), the industry leader in high-speed, high-density connection systems, today announced that their collaboration on a 2006 DesignCon paper titled "Practical Design Considerations for 10 to 25 Gbps Copper Backplane Serial Links" has been recognized with the "DesignCon Paper Award". The award was presented at a ceremony today during the DesignCon 2007 event at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California.

The award-winning paper, presented in the System Level Design category, outlined the collaborative effort between Rambus and Amphenol, who combined their expertise to address how future high-speed data rate requirements of backplane serial links could be met. The paper examined the practical and cost effective design aspects of 10-12.5 Gbps high-speed serial links and explored the feasibility and requirements for the next generation of serial links operating in the 20-25 Gbps range.

"For more than a decade, DesignCon has delivered technical content and practical solutions for enhancing system designs, backed with the assurance of industry expertise," said Barry Sullivan, director, International Engineering Consortium. "We are pleased to recognize industry leaders like Amphenol and Rambus, who shared their knowledge and experience to enhance our conference program with their award-winning paper."

Organized by the International Engineering Consortium (IEC), DesignCon serves as the premier annual event for practicing engineers in the electrical design and semiconductor communities.

To access the Rambus-Amphenol DesignCon 2006 award-winning paper, please visit (Registered users.)

Hat tip to the Rambus & Amphenol team.

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