Monday, December 18, 2006

Rambus Inc. & the misdaters has tracked the companies engaged in federal or internal probes into executive and employee options - the misdating - and reports to date (12/15/06) that at least

191 companies have disclosed internal or federal investigations, and 80 announced they must restate previously reported financial results. So far, the restatements, revisions and charges exceed $6.4 billion. More than 60 executives and directors left their jobs, and about 300 lawsuits were filed against more than 100 companies.


Former Rambus Inc. CEO, Geoff Tate, stuffed plenty of misdated options in the cookies jars stashed at its Los Altos headquarters - in excess of $200 million by Rambus's estimate.

Bloomberg reports on Rambus Inc.:
Internal Investigation YES
SEC Investigation (Formal or Informal) NO
DOJ Investigation NO
Suits 8
Departed Executives 1
Restate Company says it will restate
Delayed The 10-K or 10-Q filings will be delayed

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