Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cell BE Processor in short supply?

The Inquirer repeats a rumor that the supply of Cell BE Processors is thin thanks to Sony Playstation 3 and a run on IBM server blades featuring Cell BE.

According to IBM's site:

IBM BladeCenter QS20 blade features:

Two 3.2 GHz Cell BE processors

1 GB XDRAM (512 MB per processor)

410 GFLOPS peak performance

Blade-mounted 40 GB IDE hard disk drive

Two 1 Gb Ethernet (GbE) controllers that provide connectivity to the BladeCenter chassis midplane and BladeCenter GbE switches

BladeCenter interface that offers Blade Power System and Sense Logic Control

Double-wide blade (uses two BladeCenter slots)

InfiniBand (IB) option, supporting up to two Mellanox IB 4x Host Channel Adapters (External IB switches are required for the IB option.)

Peak performance of 2.8 TFLOPS in a standard single-chassis configuration, and over 17 TFLOPS may be possible in a standard 42U rack (There is a maximum of seven blades per chassis. Each Cell BE blade requires two slots. Cell BE blades should not be intermixed with other blades within a chassis.)


Do you want to purchase a Dual Cell Based Blade? Prices linked here. ($18,995 and up.)

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