Sunday, November 05, 2006

Walmart (updated)

Walmart ran a commercial this weekend - man attempting to start a meaningful or any conversation with his father or father-in-law . . . didn't catch the relationship. Nonstarter. Then younger man mentions the flat screen television he bought at Walmart . . . ice breaker and life is good.


This evening while reviewing my e-mail I came across Walmart's newest marketing efforts . . . attractive female greeters. Well . . . thanks. You caught me by surprise. I had to minimize my screen in a flash, look over my shoulder to ensure my daughter was nowhere in sight.

Okay guys (gals), you really should place a "PG" in the subject line when you send Walmart-like e-mails out to your friends.

Updated: Okay, Walmart Girls keeps her clothes on, now. When I initially posted Walmart Girl, I didn't realize that when you clicked on the photograph she provided a glimpse of Walmart clothes from another aisle and her lack of tan lines. Not to worry. Treowth is family friendly again . . .


Anonymous said...

Wow. Almost makes me want to shop Walmart.

Anonymous said...

That does not look like it was "Made In China"

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