Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sony PS3 worth $250 million to Rambus Inc.?

GameDailyBiz reports:

Research firm Strategy Analytics claims that with the PS3 now launching the pressure is actually on Microsoft to convince consumers and loyal PlayStation gamers to "switch camps." Ultimately, the firm sees Sony trouncing the competition with over 120 million units sold by 2012.
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Hager Technology Research/CurrinResearch Weekly Update (11/19/06) estimates that Rambus Inc. is making a couple bucks on each Sony Playstation 3 sold:

We believe the components that include the Rambus technology make up more than 40% of the total cost of the PS3 system. Though Rambus is required to be tight lipped about royalties, we estimate Rambus will take in close to $2 per system. That number may moderate if the PS3 ultimately ditches the Emotion Engine for emulation in the Cell itself.
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