Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rambus Inc., lands a legal eagle

Announcing today that is has hired Thomas R. Lavelle to serve as senior vice president and general counsel.

In its press release Rambus Inc. states that Mr. Lavelle will be responsible for the overall legal direction of the Company, including securities, compliance, intellectual property, and litigation. He will report to president and chief executive officer Harold Hughes.

Donkey Notes:

Will Mr. Lavelle serve as Rambus' ethics officer? With the rash of misdating option concerns, many companies have specifically identified an officer responsible for ensuring future corporate ethical behavior. Now is the time for Rambus Inc. to do the same.

Will Mr. Lavelle serve as general counsel in name or in reality? Is John Danforth the Billy Beane of Rambus Inc.'s legal show and Mr. Lavelle the manager? As a Ramboid and a fan of both Moneyball and Mr. Danforth, I hope this is the case.

Will Mr. Lavelle receive one or three truck loads of Rambus options? Timing is everything. Edgar reports that Mr. Lavelle disposed of 29,447 Xilinx options during October 2006.

Read more about Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.

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