Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry Award of the Month - October 2006

The votes are in - Any Donkey stuffed the ballot box - and Sacramento lawyer Larry Pilgrim has won Any Donkey's first John Kerry Award of the Month for making a dumb-donkey comment in public.

Mr. Pilgrim was quoted in the Sacramento Bee on October 24, 2006, expounding on matters arising out of Sacramento Kings' coach Eric Musselman's arrest for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

"I've got doctors, police officers and a judge in my file cabinet. We all do it. We all have a few drinks and drive."

Mr. Pilgrim, you are the man. You offer comfort for those who want to drink and drive because you know, "we all have a few drinks and drive."

Irresponsible and wrong. Every 15 minutes somebody is killed by a drunk driver. (We have an "Iraq" on our highways and who is complaining?) We don't all drink and drive and those who do should be publicly humiliated, fined the equivalent of 500 Rambus Inc. shares, no keys for a year and kicked in the butt, real hard.

If you need Mr. Pilgrim to comfort you after you drink and drive, you may find his site linked here. Yup, I spelled his name correctly.

The pictured "victim" is a student actor, read about him and others at

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blogan said...

I went to Mr. Pilgrim's site and saw the text, "Arrested in Sacramento, Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Napa, Solano [...]" and thought he was bragging about his experiences. Turns out that's where he practices...

Btw, in some states such as Oregon, conviction for DUII also results in mandatory 48 hours in jail.

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