Friday, November 03, 2006

Finz comments on song of the day - Rambus Inc.

Cherished reader Barbara Ann writes:

Hey, as a CW song says ~ "Tequila makes her clothes fall off". LOL

LOL ~ and what a hoot - love it..

I am just as eager ~ perhaps even more so to see "things" at HQ of RMBS cleared up, straightened out, goin' more the shareholder way (even just partially)..

Howsomever - in the meantime, in between time - is there any way that you might consider being even just the slightest "Positive" in your choice of Music, hence your remarks ~ to: "The Power of Positive Thinking" so to speak.
Merely inquiring.

TIA Barbara Ann

Posted by Anonymous to Treowth at 11/02/2006 09:31:14 PM


FinzToRite's response . . . (yes, he is a cherished reader too)

When I see Rambus management show even a shred of respect for their shareholders, I will have no problem being a bit positive again.

Let's be real.

How much longer can they drag out this restatement from their backdating scandal?

When will they actually have their "Investor Relations" department answer a telephone call or answer an e-mail?

When will they ever have a conference call in which they don't evade the questions most of us want answered.

When will they announce all the licensees they claimed they had to announce as soon as they won an infringement verdict? They didn't say there had to be a 6-month (to date and who knows how much longer) waiting period on that.

When will they tell us the REAL reason they seemed to have pushed Mr. Danforth to the sideline?

I'll stop there.

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Finz reflects and continues . . .

One additional note:

The "Rambus Song Of The Day" is not a random event. I must hear the song on my iTunes or iPod, while in "random play" mode, during the preceding 24-hour period. Currently, there are 11,865 songs on the iPod.

I seriously doubt only "negative songs" come up lately, but they are the ones that catch my attention. That's because I am in a "negative mood" about Rambus.

I believe Rambus shareholders have been royally screwed by management several times over and we have been disappointed countless times by our "legal system" and other governmental agencies.

I doubt that is news to anyone that is even partially aware of the Rambus saga.

I get the impression that our good friend at TREOWTH has somewhat similar opinion ... or ... we wouldn't be seeing the "Song Of The Day".

Now, I continue to wait for my share of the ad money coming in from readers that tune in just to see the "Song Of The Day" -- LOL

Posted by FinzToRite to Treowth at 11/03/2006 04:14:06 AM

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