Thursday, October 12, 2006

Who is behind PayPerPost?

Is the political right behind PayPerPost? . . . a way to send cash, lots of it, to bloggers so that they have money to contribute to the cause?

Is PayPerPost the effort of somebody, say North of Sacramento, to game and annoy Google's algorithms? . . .

Is PayPerPost really a front for a Political Action Committee? . . . are there already "opportunities" in the pipe for bloggers to post about issues and candidates?

Is PayPerPost a clever way for wealthy families (investors - LOL) to transfer assets at a lower tax rate - income verus gift or estate - to their children disguised as paying for "work" . . . for credibility, filling the PayPal accounts of a few unsuspecting bloggers along the way?

Or is PayPerPost simply a clever way to generate buzz and drive traffic to lesser known online sites?

Who knows? Check out PayPerPost yourself and decide.


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