Monday, October 23, 2006

Spain, visiting and staying

Spain, the Pyrenees, a fascinating mountain range which separates northern Spain from the rest of Europe, offers adventure - white water rafting and kayaking in fast-flowing rivers, especially in Noguera Pallaressa, in Lleida; canoeing in the Cinca and Ara Rivers in Aragon, as well as in the Navarre section of the Bidasoa River; caving; and orienteering. More extreme adventures include paragliding, hang-gliding, microlighting. Solitude of fishing, or the chase of hunting quail, partridge, boar, rabbit, roe deer, tout, barbell, Iberian nase. The Pyrenees is waiting for you.

Buy a property in Spain and enjoy the Pyrenees year around.
Spain, the Costa Brava with whitewashed fishing villages, crystalline seawater offering an underwater paradise of untouched landscapes.

Spain, proud of its traditions, birth-place and source of inspiration to Salvador DalĂ­, and home to impressive monuments and a wealth of history.


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Rammax said...

Let's talk Spain and the 5/11 cave to terrorism, pulling troops out, leaving commitments to allies. I'd recommend visiting Spain and spending money just after hell freezes over.
Visit London and Warsaw, both nice places with responsible governments and electorates.

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