Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rambus Inc. returns to it roots

In a press release today (10/4/06) Rambus Inc. announced that Rambus Co-Founder Mike Farmwald will Serve as Senior Technical Advisor. Dr. Farmwald will focus on new memory technologies.

Dr. Farmwald has served as a director since co-founding Rambus with Dr. Mark Horowitz in March 1990.

Previously, Dr. Farmwald served as Vice President and Chief Scientist at Rambus Inc., overseeing the development and introduction the 4 Mbit RDRAM in 1992.

Catch a glimpse of Dr. Farmwald's at his site linked here.

Dr. Farmwald owned 2,778,236 shares of Rambus Inc. at last report.

Photograph credit - Dr. Farmwald's site.

Hat tip to Rambus Inc.

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