Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mecury Computer Systems reports early success wtih Cell BE

Mercury Computer Systems Reports First Quarter Revenues of $48.9 Million (Emphasis added)

Jay Bertelli, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mercury Computer Systems, Inc., “We are experiencing early-stage successes from the investments we have been making in FPGA, GPU, and Cell Broadband Engine ™ (BE) processors."

Recent Highlights

In the first quarter of fiscal 2007, the Company reported industry firsts for product releases and shipments of new technology/capabilities; as well as new design wins and partnerships. As processor technologies grow more complex, suppliers and users of specialized applications across industries increasingly look to Mercury for help selecting and enabling the best technologies for their unique computation needs (Cell BE processors, FPGAs, GPUs, etc.).

Mercury reported a significant level of activity around our Cell BE processor-based offerings. The Mercury Cell Accelerator Board (CAB), announced in July, is the first product with Cell Technology to enable supercomputer-like performance in a PC workstation architecture, which is ideal for rendering, imaging, and other compute-intensive applications. Also, early-access Cell Technology-based development systems and associated software were shipped to customers, and professional services were delivered across a number of diverse industries. Production release systems began shipping in September, at which time Mercury announced the MultiCore Plus™ SDK (Software Development Kit) for programming multicore processors including the Cell BE processor. This complete, intuitive programming environment empowers users with programming ease and maximizes application performance for Cell BE processor-based solutions from Mercury and IBM. In addition, Mercury reported on results from customer engagements to validate performance enhancements using the Cell BE processor, with gains of greater than an order of magnitude, and projections of up to 100X for actual customer applications.

More recently, Mercury announced the collaboration with Barco Federal Systems to design and develop a forward-deployable system based on the Cell BE processor for real-time intelligence, for predictive analysis and decision support in counter intelligence and human intelligence applications. Initial concepts of the sensor visualization and data fusion system have been completed in conjunction with the Battle Command Battle Lab at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

Read Mercury's 10/26/06 8-K linked here.

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