Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Investor Village - Rambus Inc.

I have been frustrated for 7 years, watching Rambus get trashed/bitch slapped by Rapid Robert Payne, with Rambus just standing there, taking it, not lashing out at the bitch.

As it turns out, this patience was prudent, and at last Rambus will have its day in court with the bitch with this appeal re. spoliation. Rambus will be able to unleash 7 years of abuse and pent up frustration. I hope the bitch comes out looking like a silly horse's ass wearing a dunce cap.
- shortscantspell - Post 31392

Link to the above found in my email with the following commentary:

Klassic Kool-Aider.

Won't make him a dime, but will satisfy him if Payne gets abused.

Won't do a damn thing for Rambus, however.
Donkey thought:

At this juncture, Ramboids have swilled so much Kool Aid, that they are likely on the verge of becoming diabetic.

For crying out loud Harold Hughes, why is the backdating investigation taking so long?

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