Thursday, October 19, 2006

Harold Hughes is no Ms Dewey

Tune in for:
Rambus Inc. Q3 2006 Earnings Conference Call
Thursday October 19, 2006 - 2:00 PM Pacific Time

Ms Dewey communicates. Ms Dewey has answers. Ms Dewey wants to share information and she does. Mr. Hughes is no Ms Dewey.

No offense intended . . . Rambus Inc. CEO, Harold Hughes, would benefit from a membership in a local club -Toastmasters International.

I am bracing myself in the event Mr. Hughes leaves his script. Please don't.

No hints of licenses. No trillion dollar markets. No telling shareholders to invest in the beverage industry. Please.

Tell us when we can expect the misdating / backdating investigation to be complete. You are the CEO - kick some b-hind and get the job done. Tell the shareholders when, yes give us a date, that the investigation will be complete.

Ramboids, I am sorry, but I am not expecting Ms Dewey to be on hand to explain the delay in the misdating investigation. Frankly, I am not expecting much from Harold Hughes either . . . but then, I am game for a surprise.

Oh, Mr. Hughes, it is time to say "I am sorry".

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