Monday, October 23, 2006

Email advertisement, err, announcement

Cars haven't been my thing since high school. Then it was Mustangs.

'66 302;

'67 289 - I was a passenger when it was totaled just north of Klammath Falls Christmas eve in '76 after hitting black ice;

'68 289 stick; and

'68 Shelby GT 350.

Wish I still had the Shelby. . . it was cherry and it was sweet.

Mercedes-Benz has me on their email list and they tell me:

The redesigned 2007 E-Class with the no-cost option Sport Package delivers aerodynamic performance beneath an athletic stance, thanks to a lowered sport suspension, dramatic 18-inch, 10-twin-spoke wheels and more . . .
An athletic vehicle. Is that what a 40-something needs?

1 comment:

blogan said...

I'd be content with an athletic stance. :-)

I didn't drive the Shelby much (if at all), but absolutely loved the '68 289 stick. That was a car. Now that you mention it, I remember taking the 302 out on a straight country lane (which is now in the middle of Folsom) and seeing how fast it could go.

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