Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cell BE processor is battle ready

Mercury Computer Systems Inc. and Barco Federal Systems Announce (10/11/06) Collaboration on Sensor Visualization and Data Fusion System Companies to design and develop a forward-deployable system for mapping courses of action in counter and human intelligence.

. . . The system will include a Mercury module based on the Cell Broadband Engine(TM) (BE) processor and the Mercury MultiCore Plus(TM) SDK (Software Development Kit), with visually rendered displays and a sensor acquisition subsystem from Barco. Designed to use algorithms involving human intelligence, modeling, and computer gaming features, including a high-performance physics engine, the concept system provides real-time intelligence for predictive analysis and decision support . . .

Mercury's Cell BE processor-based products are optimized in size, weight, and power (up to 205 GFLOPS) to enable the war fighter to execute algorithms in a deployable platform that previously could not have been executed. Mercury's Cell BE processor-based solutions provide a marked increase in processing power over traditional fielded computer systems . . .

"We believe the combination of our technology and expertise with Barco's will enable the power, performance, and reliability required by today's military forces for safe and accurate military actions," said Joel Radford, Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Alliances at Mercury Computer Systems.

Read the press release linked here.

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