Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Throwin' mud - point at Rambus Inc.

Broadcom Corp. and Qualcomm Inc. have been throwing plenty of mud at each other lately - International Trade Commission, European Commission and recently, in front of a US district judge in New Jersey where Broadcom was sent packing.

Broadcom claims that Qualcomm has violated competition laws by over charging for licensing rights to its cell phone intellectual property. The New Jersey judge disagreed Broadcom, finding that Broadcom had simply refused the licensing terms that Qualcomm had offered.

Broadcom remains unconvinced and points to a recent Federal Trade Commission ruling in a case involving intellectual property licensor Rambus Inc. wherein the FTC found that Rambus had engaged in conduct to be "deceptive" and "anti-competitive".

Qualcomm reiterated that it remains committed to licensing its patents on "fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms."

Read a Computer Business Review Online article linked here.

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