Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ThreeJack on Rambus Inc.

This is another hidden cost of the employee stock options practice at Rambus. How many tens of millions in retained earnings were spent on stock buybacks to lessen the dilution caused by excessive option grants that might have been better spent on lobbying lawmakers on the value of pure IP companies like Rambus to the US economy?

Clearly, Micron knows where to spend its money.

On the subject of the options investigation, it has been over three months since Rambus announced its internal review. Considering Rambus is using outside legal and accounting forensic consultants for this project, how many internal and external manhours does it take to get the facts, draw conclusions, and restate financial reports for a company of less than 400 employees, and for only a handful of years? At this stage, every day of uncertainty about this investigation is a day too long.

Why is this investigation taking so long, Mr. Hughes??
You may read ThreeJack's posts at the Investors Hub - Rambus Inc. board. No need to wade through several hundred posts day for the good stuff.


Threejack said...

Hey Treowth,

Appreciate the plug for iHub.

Always learn something new on every visit here. Best of all, your sense of humor makes me laugh and your taste in music is the bomb.

Count me among your fans : )


Any Donkey said...

Thank you for the kind words and for reading. Any Donkey can not take credit for much of the music. 98% of the Songs of the Day is submitted by FinzToRite, a LTL.

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