Sunday, September 17, 2006

Starbuck's math


. . . the "DOUBLESHOT" is listed on the packaging as having 140 calories and the "DOUBLESHOT LIGHT" is listed as having 70 calories. Even in a mirror, I can not make 45% appear . . .


Anonymous said...

Well now, if that isn't just short of "AMAZING".........numbers? To whom do we credit the numbers? Truth in advertising? Truth these days in 'anything'...In the world of ALL that is commerce, business, competition.........facts, possibilities, probabilities, etc., etc., etc. Quite frankly, I have never been in any way involved in or with a "Starbucks", save once with the putchase of a 4 pack of a light brown frappa -something....okay, letters home. No further purchases either. Yes, there IS a "Starbucks" here in my fair city, maybe more than one....well, to be more specific: What was your intent Mr. Donkey - unless, except, to divert attention from something else? Pray tell what?
'splain please.

Barbara Ann

Any Donkey said...

At 5:00 in the morning, the simple math on the can was a puzzle I could not solve - try as I might.

I thought Treowth readers might find the error amusing and maybe receive some comfort in the fact that Rambus Inc. isn't the only company that is having trouble with simple numbers . . . misery likes company, so I am told.

Anonymous said...

AHA...........that Sir, is IT. Well with all of my rambling re: the subject, if it was NOT obvious, I must admit that I have absolutely no good, right or damned idea !! Incidentally, at that hour of the morning, 'everything' is a mystery to me !!....always however, in the serious pursuit of clarity. Yes, we do 'love company'....CIAO

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