Saturday, September 02, 2006

Song of the day

I got the story from someone I met while recently on vacation. He told me of his friend that had invested in Rambus after reading a bold statement on the Yahoo Rambus Message Board .... something about "you'll never be able to buy Rambus under $35 again".

Unfortunately, margin calls led to the repossession of his car and, even worse, he had strongly recommended the stock to his wife and friends. Now, he's ......

"Walkin' The Streets Alone"

by The Marshall Tucker Band (1976)

The Marshall Tucker Band -- Long Hard Ride

Yes, it has been a long hard ride ...........

Submitted by FinzToRite.

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Barbara Ann said...

Well, first of all, he is a fool to invest based on a stock message board, and secondly, an idiot to be in the market at all if he can ill afford to lose what he invests.

Although no doubt there are those who do 'gamble', the stock market is NOT a lottery, and incidentally, lottery tickets most certainly are a whole lot less costly. Sympathetic? I think not.

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