Saturday, September 23, 2006

Song of the day - Rambus Inc. & the Year of the Cat

Did you know how the Chinese zodiac came into being?

Legend suggests animals were fighting regarding their place in the cycle of years. As a result, the Chinese gods ordered a contest to determine the order. The animals would cross a river and the order in the calendar would be set by the order of finish.

The cat was afraid of the water. The ox wondered how he would cross with its poor eyesight. The calculating rat suggested that he and the cat ride the ox and guide him across. The ox was steady and hard-working and led the pack of animals. However, the rat shoved the cat into the water before they reached the other side. Just as the ox came ashore, the rat jumped off and finished first.

The first year of the calendar was named after the rat. The ox got the second year.

The cat finished too late to win any place in the calendar.

Therefore, it might not be totally unreasonable to predict the Rambus story will, someday, conclude in the ......................

"Year Of The Cat" by Al Stewart ( 1976)

Al Stewart -- Year Of The Cat

See Chinese calendar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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