Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saying "Thank You"

Today, yesterday and tomorrow, many men and women are away from their homes and families - serving in the U.S. armed forces.

Whatever your beliefs, these individuals are serving you and deserve your kind thoughts and a "thank you".

Xerox Corporation has created Let's Say Thanks, a national program designed to deliver millions of cards to servicemen and women overseas with messages of support from home.

It is very easy. There are many designs - drawn by children - from which to select. You may select an appropriate thank you message or draft your own.

Please join Any Donkey and the millions of others who have taken a couple minutes to send a thank you.

Let's Say Thanks linked here.

Hat tip to Xerox Corporation - you rock.

Hat tip to The1stBA for the link.


Anonymous said...

A HAT TIP to you Mr. Donkey guy !!
A nice gesture on your part...

Barbara Ann

jester said...

Indeed. Many thanks to our warriors and to you Mr.A.Donkey.

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