Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Samsung and Rambus' XDR DRAM

Ramboids are surfing the Internet for rumors of settlements, deep deep pockets and any whisper of logic why Rambus Inc. share price continues to climb through the teens after failing well, nearly to single digits.

No credible published reports of settlement in the wings. No verifiable evidence of deep deep pockets accumulating shares of Rambus Inc. - yet. No credible reports of takeovers.

Rambus lawyers are working overtime on many fronts. Rambus independent counsel and accountants are (hopefully) working overtime to resolve the backdating options issues.

And over at Samsung . . . it appears that they are busy pumping out XDR DRAM. Their Data Sheet was updated on September 4, 2006, and may be downloaded from bottom of the page at the Samsung site linked here. The Data Sheet is 3.53 MB. You can order your own XDR DRAM in lots of 720.

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