Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Choking Game" - a game it is not

A 15-year old girl, described as "vivacious, wonderful, loving, caring and witty, incredibly fun," by her father, was found dead at her home.

Her family believe she may have suffered from self asphyxiation. Or what many teenagers call "The Choking Game."

Very few kids know that if you put a belt around yourself, pass out for a minute, and then regain consciousness which is what happens, that you run the risk of death. So they are naive," Dr. Levine said.
Dr. Madeline Levine, is a psychologist and best selling author who has written about teenagers and teenage stress.

Read more at Treowth about the choking game linked here.

Please talk to your children and grandchildren.

As the Wizard of Pinehurst would say "hug your family."


jester said...

Another deadly important post. Folks please copy links and send to your mailing lists. Thanks "not just" Any Donkey!

Loni said...

Thank you for writing on this. My son died from this "game" almost 2 years ago.


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