Monday, August 28, 2006

Sony PS3 update

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group downgrades Sony:

Citing issues with parts suppliers Mitsubishi forecasts Sony will only be able to ship 3 million units following its launch of the PS3 versus the 6 million Sony has said it expects to ship.

Read the article at SeekingAlpha Japan linked here.


Sony announced that there will be 27 playable games for its PlayStation 3 at the Tokyo Game Show which runs September 22 to September 24.

Read the Reuters article linked here.


BBC News reports that Sony has teamed up with US biologists to run a distributed computing project, folding@home (FAH). The goal is to harness the idle Sony Playstation 3 systems to examine how the shape of proteins, critical to most biological functions, affect disease.

When the program is released to PS3 owners, the scientists say they will be able to "address questions previously considered impossible to tackle computationally".
Read the BBC News article linked here.

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